Not coming to a store near you: Where to find Kimono Swirl & Mayer Labs’ products
30 Mon

Not coming to a store near you: Where to find Kimono Swirl & Mayer Labs’ products

At Mayer Labs, we’re in this work because we love people. We love helping people increase the joy in their lives. We love facilitating meaningful, enriching connections between them and their partners, and, of course, we love when people experience incredible sex. We’ve been a small company from the start, driven by this value of love over money, which motivates so much of what we do and offer in our business. It’s also one of the biggest reasons you don’t see us on the store shelves of Walgreens, CVS, Target, Walmart, and other mass retailers.. 

The dirty little secret of the retail industry (and we mean “dirty” in the least sexy way possible) is that the major retailers lining the shelves of your local grocery or drug store are also lining their pockets with “fees” and “cooperative expenses” that they charge for the privilege of being on the shelf. It costs an exponential amount of money to be featured on a store shelf—the foot traffic in these major chains almost guarantees an increase in sales, so manufacturers pay a premium for the shelf space and ink complex contracts that lock out smaller brands. That’s the truth behind why every major retailer stocks some competitors’ condoms that you probably used in high school but not the MicroThin condoms we’ve perfected over three decades. And it is for sure why you won’t find our unique Kimono Swirl Condoms with a twisting double-helix shape. Today, you can buy an entry-level anal plug or a bullet vibrator off-the-shelf in these major retailers that once hid condoms behind the counter, yet you’ll be hard-pressed to find sexual wellness products from a small, quality-focused company dedicated to your pleasure. We get it—it is capitalism, a process designed to keep the “big boys” and “household name” brands top of mind, and the profits in the hands of bigger corporations. It certainly is not about your love. 

When you keep seeing a brand or product on every shelf, your mind starts paying more attention to it, and even believing it is more popular or widely available than it really is. Even worse, your brain might assume it’s the only game in town, so you keep buying subpar products thinking they’re the only option. Meanwhile, companies like ours are working hard to innovate, develop, and get great products into the hands of the consumers. We invest our limited resources in research and development, refining our products and creating innovative new ones to meet consumers’ needs and desires.   

From the beginning, we sought to create the most satisfying condom experience possible using science and cutting-edge Japanese technology to produce unscented, sheer, extra-sensitive condoms. All of this in an era when fear was rampant, major condom brands were communicating, “use these condoms or die,” and the best-selling condoms were virtually one-size-fits-all, smelled bad, felt cold, and cut off sensation. We believed using condoms was an expression of love of self, one’s partner, and sex, and wanted our condoms to bring the joy and enthusiasm back to intimacy. We were the first to create large and extra large condoms with the same sensitivity as our flagship Kimono MicroThin, because we believe no one should have to choose between pleasure and protection. The same excitement about sexual wellness and commitment to science that motivated us to launch Mayer Labs is what drives us forward today, inspiring unparalleled product lines like Kimono Swirl. And this also influences our marketing and distribution.  So, we’ll continue to leverage the latest digital options and work with smaller retailers that care about products and customers so we can put our money where it makes the most impact—back into our products. 

So you want to put a twist on your sex life with Swirl, but you can’t shop for groceries and Kimono MicroThin in the same store—what’s a condom buyer to do? Harness the instant gratification potential and discreet nature of the internet. We are proud to partner with digital outlets like Undercover Condoms and Amazon to give everyone access to the pleasure and protection they deserve. And these digital retailers are helping small businesses like ours get in front of our next very satisfied customers. We may miss out on the impulse and convenience shoppers, but we hope that we can tap into an even more powerful group of conscientious, pleasure-seeking people who are looking to elevate their sexual experiences.  

If you’re a loyal customer, thank you for your support. If you’re just discovering the Mayer Labs family of products, including Kimono, Kimono Swirl, Aqua Lube, Daysy, and Lady Comp, remember that you can still “shop small” and support our business online, even on Amazon. We hope you’ll give Kimono Swirl a spin or try one of our other extraordinary products soon. And we’ll keep working hard to ensure they’re the best.