Swirling Your Way to Unbelievable Pleasure
23 Tue

Swirling Your Way to Unbelievable Pleasure

Physical intimacy is an important way to build connection with your partner(s), and Mayer Labs has spent more than 35 years using science to make it even better. Our Kimono brand used cutting-edge Japanese condom technology to provide a smooth, barely-there feel—setting us apart from the other uncomfortable and unappealing condoms in the late 1980s. Ever since, we’ve invested in research and development to create premium, ethically sourced products that create an unforgettable experience. Only Kimono has earned the name synonymous with sensitivity—MicroThin—and only Mayer Labs has established a reputation for developing the most innovative, science-backed products in the marketplace. 

Experience the Revolution with Swirl

Our latest Swirl lineup reaches the pinnacle of science and pleasure. Whether you’re in the honeymoon phase or spicing up a long-term relationship, exploring new and extreme sensations together can give your intimate life a boost. The revolutionary Swirl condom has a twisting, double-helix shape that moves and stimulates like a condom and a toy all in one. Make date night even more memorable by giving Swirl a spin with your partner. 

Unlock Sensory Bliss with Premium Lubricants

Finding the right lubricant is another fast-track to incredible pleasure. Ultra-smooth Kimono Swirl Silicone lubricant pairs condom-safe, long-lasting moisture with maximum sensitivity. See how our luxurious, German-engineered silicone can add comfort and feeling to any intimate activity. Or, go au naturel in more ways than one with Kimono Swirl Natural, a thoughtful formulation of organic aloe, pure water, and select botanicals for gentle, easy-to-clean lubrication. Mayer Labs helps you feel connected and feel everything with your partner. 

Clean Fun Inside and Outside the Bedroom

Adding toys or a bathing experience can be a fun way to mix up intimacy, and Mayer Labs has found a way to help people have good, clean fun in and out of the bedroom. Kimono Swirl Natural Cleaning Gel is nature-powered and toy- and body-safe. Lather up and rinse with water to ensure your intimate accessories are clean, residue-free, and ready whenever you are. 

Trusted Quality for Unforgettable Moments

At Mayer Labs, we bring the science of better sex to your bedroom with sustainably produced and intuitively designed sexual wellness products. From top quality vegan latex to premium silicone and organic aloe, we use ingredients and manufacturing practices you can trust so you can focus on the moment. See for yourself why millions of satisfied customers choose Mayer Labs for pleasure, protection, and sexual wellness.