The antidote to AI-everything: human connection
17 Wed

The antidote to AI-everything: human connection

Artificial intelligence will change our world in ways we can’t even imagine. In the wake of Chat GPT’s launch and the expansion of deepfake AI images and voices that are scarily real, it’s not hard to envision a future where even sex and intimacy become highly digitized. We can already build AI versions of our ideal partners and buy interactive sex dolls, so what’s next? Will the dopamine hits from social media and AI relationships mean that we’re doomed to spending even more of our futures glued to a screen or getting frisky with a robot? It’s definitely possible, but read on to see why we’re rooting for good old-fashioned, real, skin-to-skin human contact.  

Research has shown that social interactions and intimate relationships boost our mental and physical health. Physical touch in particular can reduce pain and strengthen the immune system. It also increases “feel good” chemicals like oxytocin and serotonin that combat anxiety and loneliness. We know from decades of experience with social media that online interactions can release powerful chemicals in our brains and become addictive. We’re excited about the potential for AI to improve many disciplines. Yet, even the most advanced AI can’t perfectly mimic the perks of physical touch, smell, taste, heat, and actual intimacy. Physical touch is one of our most primal human needs, and ultimately, most people will still prefer “real” sex to artificial alternatives.

So what’s the key to making in-person sex even better? First, mix things up! Social media has made our attention spans shrink and our brains constantly seek novelty in life and in the bedroom. Whether you’re introducing toys or just having sex outside the bedroom, changing up your intimate routine is a good way to keep it interesting. 

Second, enjoy the emotion! True intimacy means getting to know a person’s whole being, not just their body—and it’s something you can never get from AI. Some of the best foreplay can happen with your clothes on—sharing everyday moments with your partner(s), thinking about what you appreciate about them, and imagining what you’ll do in those sexy sessions. 

Third, immerse yourself in every touch. No matter how good synthetic materials get, they don’t feel as sensual as real skin. That’s why we’ve spent decades designing pleasure-enhancing lubes and barely-there condoms that are thin, transfer heat and sensation, and provide unique shapes and textures. Expand your horizons even further by sharing massages, tickling, or incorporating toys and accessories that keep the focus on real, human senses. 

The AI revolution is well underway, but let’s not fool ourselves. When it comes to sexual and sensual intimacy, humans will always be on top…in more ways than one.