Bring gratitude into the  bedroom
30 Thu

Bring gratitude into the bedroom

‘Tis the season to give thanks, and gratitude is great for improving mental health, well-being, and overall life satisfaction. So could it also boost your sex life? We think YES, and guess what? Some current research is saying “yes” too!

Gratitude is the act of showing appreciation for what you have, and focusing on the good vs. the bad. Gratitude is a powerful emotion that can be used to boost and maintain relationship quality.  So how do you put this practice to use making other, ahem, acts even spicier? Read on to learn how gratitude can get you in the mood for even better sex.

  1. Increase body confidence

No matter how much body positivity gains traction, most of us have something we’d change about our bodies if we had the chance. Instead of focusing on what you think needs fixing, stand in front of a mirror (naked, if you’d like!) and name five things you appreciate about your body. Now, how about your partner’s body?  Being grateful for the skin that lets you feel the warmth of your partner’s touch, the strong muscles that allow you to enjoy your favorite hobbies, the hands that take part in work and play, the eyes that soak your partner and loved ones’ images in—whatever aspects of yourself you are grateful for. Even better, find something you love about each of your perceived “flaws.” You’ll leave the mirror more confident and ready to connect (physically or otherwise) with someone you care about. 

  1. Improve your relationship

Science shows that sexual attraction is about more than just the physical. How you perceive your partner, how they interact with you, and your level of emotional connection are also important factors in your level of sexual attraction. By being ever-conscious of the aspects of your partner that you are grateful for, you can enhance your desire and minimize the impact of their less-desirable traits or behaviors. Each day, think of three things about your partner that you are grateful for…and even better, share your gratitude with them! 

  1. Enhance your well-being

A solid gratitude practice is strongly linked to increased happiness and is often a prominent part of mindfulness practices recommended in therapy. A positive mood, in turn, is linked to increased sexual desire and even greater openness to new experiences. In contrast, depression, anxiety, and low mood often lead to reductions in sexual desire. By focusing on what you appreciate about your current state, you can cultivate a mindset that seeks out joy and pleasure in many aspects of your life—including your sex life. 

  1. Boost your health

While most of the immediate benefits of gratitude are psychological, over time, maintaining a positive outlook on life and being grateful for what you have can be a factor in better health—-for example, lowering blood pressure, improving sleep, revving up your immune system, or helping to motivate a person to pursue exercise. Studies show that who are physically healthier are more likely to have more frequent and more satisfying sex, so taking the first step with a gratitude practice can is low-risk with the potential for some very pleasurable rewards. 

When you think about ways to take your intimate life to the next level, stop….be grateful for all that you have and bring.  Be grateful for all that your partner is and share this with them. This openness will spice up the present, and provide the safety and gratitude to explore whatever is next…don’t underestimate the power of gratitude in priming your body and mind for better sex. Appreciating what you already have can be the first step in discovering even more pleasure and sensuality. 

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