Enhance Your Experience

Maximize every sensation with silky, long-lasting lubricants and our botanically charged toy and body cleaner.

Premium Lubricants

  • Better Ingredients

    Pure water, premium silicone, organic aloe, and botanicals–we have a formula that’s right for any body or activity.

  • Better Performance

    Silky, long-lasting, pleasure-enhancing moisture in every bottle.

  • Better Quality

    Our products endure rigorous testing so they’re ready for whatever you are.

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  • of people believe lube makes sex more comfortable

  • Americans used lube during intimacy in 2020

  • of people use lube every time they have sex

Enhance Your Experience with Our Premium Lubricant

Mayer Labs knows that a quality lubricant is a key element in great sex. We’ve crafted our lubricants with the finest ingredients to match every activity or preference. Each formula is made in the USA to the most stringent standards. Our Kimono Swirl lubricants also feature a cutting-edge Euro pump dispenser for easy application. If you’re looking for smoother, more sensational sex, feel the difference a few drops of lubricant can make!

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