At Mayer Labs, we’re making the finest sexual wellness and reproductive healthcare products in the world. Every product is formulated to meet or exceed the highest domestic and international standards for safety and quality. We also make ongoing research and development a priority. With partnerships and facilities around the world, Mayer Labs draws on expertise from the US, Japan, Thailand, and Europe to deliver unmatched quality and uniqueness. Our success is in the small details, such as the specific source of natural latex, or the consistent quality of raw aloe, plus the ability to retain the best and brightest in quality engineers and scientists.

Mayer Labs, Inc. is:

  • FDA registered and compliant for more than 35 years
  • Health Canada registered and certified
  • Certified to international standards under MDSAP and ISO 13485:2016 standards

“The Mayer team is highly responsive and detail oriented. They always get back to us promptly to answer questions or address concerns. The product is of the highest quality and our customers absolutely love it. We are proud and confident to sell a lubricant we know to have been handled with the utmost care in every step of the development and manufacturing processes.”


Mayer Labs maintains partnerships with suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, and other businesses that provide exceptional products and services worldwide. We pride ourselves in long-term partnerships with companies that share our values of quality, health, and social responsibility. It’s no surprise that a growing number of companies now look to Mayer Labs to help provide customized, white-label wellness products. These companies are intent on building a business that is based on quality, and for companies seeking to grow their own brands, Mayer Labs provides that assurance. To explore partnership opportunities, please reach out.

We Want to Hear From You.

We are committed to the highest quality products. In the event our products did not meet your needs or expectations we would like to hear from you. Our quality management system may result in our taking a report for review and investigation. Our investigation is completely confidential. Our process complies with all regulatory requirements in the United States (FDA), Canada (Health Canada) and the European Union.

Feel free to contact us by one of the methods below.

Our normal business hours are Monday – Friday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm PST.