You’ve got high standards for what goes on or in your body.

At Mayer Labs, we use rigorous research and testing, advanced manufacturing practices, and the finest ingredients to earn your trust and confidence. With more than 35 years of experience and an unmatched commitment to research, development, and advanced manufacturing practices, Mayer Labs has earned the confidence of millions of thoughtful people like you across the globe. Our products are specially formulated for quality, reliability, and performance so you can focus on the moment. You bring the passion, we provide innovative sexual health products you can trust every time.

Our History.

Mayer Labs launched in 1987 with the goal of providing the highest quality sexual wellness products for all. Amid the growing 80s AIDS crisis, safer sex was a necessity, but no one was excited to use the pungent condoms and greasy lubricants that dominated the American market. We knew that cutting-edge research and technology could help us create products that made safer sex feel more exciting and sensual.

Kimono Condoms are proudly made using state-of-the-art Japanese manufacturing and technology. Through careful attention to every detail and rigorous testing we produce ultra-thin, extra sensitive, and extremely reliable condoms in many sizes, shapes and varieties. Our unique Kimono Swirl line features America’s only extra-stimulating, double helix-shaped condom, plus premium lubricants and a natural toy cleaner. We harnessed decades of research and insights to create this innovative line that meets consumers’ evolving needs and desires in the sexual health field.

Why “KIMONO”? In Japan, birth control pills were banned until 1999 and condoms were the most popular form of birth control, used by more than 80% of sexually active people. High demand led to advancements in manufacturing and quality that produced thinner and thinner condoms. More sensitive and odor-free, there was no comparison to American competitors. Kimono MicroThin is America’s original ultra-thin condom, and its name is a nod to the Japanese innovation that made our products possible.

Aqua Lube is our family of sleek, water-based lubricants that add wetness and sensation when and where you want it. Developed with careful attention to safety, biocompatibility, and performance, Aqua Lube is the lubricant selected by many consumers and public health professionals. With a gentle, easy-to-clean formula, Aqua Lube provides great, silky lubrication and is safe to use with latex and polyisoprene condoms. 

For more than 35 years, we’ve used the latest
research to create products that enhance
pleasure. Trust science. Trust Mayer Labs.

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