Finding novelty inside your comfort zone
28 Fri

Finding novelty inside your comfort zone

Humans are amazing and interesting beings, and our physiology can certainly be confusing. As a health and wellness company, we’ve explored in previous blogs how constant stress can harm our mental and physical health, and how connection has the power to heal us. We’ve also learned more about the powerful effects of dopamine in our brains, and how we can become addicted to the stimuli that generate it. Today, we’re exploring the natural “tension” in our bodies and minds between pursuing novel experiences and comfort. Trying something new gives a rush of adrenaline and excitement, yet we also crave the familiar. So how do we find joy and pleasure between these mixed desires? Read on to learn more. 

This cycle of novelty and comfort affects many aspects of our lives—how we work, play, love, and dream. A desire for novelty could have you wanting to try unique foods, travel to unseen places, or even make a career switch. On the other hand, the pursuit of comfort could lead to savoring your favorite meals from childhood, settling down in your hometown, or committing to one job or career field. Ultimately, our conflicting drive for the unfamiliar and the familiar alike influences many of the choices we make. Our digitized world complicates things even further, serving up dopamine with every TikTok video, Amazon purchase, or DM, and raising the bar for what is considered exciting. Our brains are constantly bombarded with newness, and it can both keep us on the hunt for even more, or drive us further into familiarity. 

When it comes to sex, the science behind the brain’s desire for novelty is well known: it’s been used for generations both positively and negatively to intensify pleasure, from inspiring a toy purchase to justifying infidelity. The good news is, science has shown that our brains aren’t picky—we don’t actually have to switch partners to find the sexual novelty we’re pining for, but instead, take small steps like changing positions. The dopamine rush of a new experience can be triggered by simply getting intimate in a different environment, incorporating unusual sensations with toys, ice, or other stimuli, or trying role-playing or dirty talk. 

Our twin desire for comfort might make us shy about mixing things up in the bedroom, so if you’re someone who struggles to make a change, remember—it’s human nature! It’s also worth it to take the leap. Studies have shown that novelty improves pleasure and satisfaction, and that satisfying relationships can improve our mental and physical health and even help us live longer. In fact, research demonstrates that the most successful relationships find the middle ground, taking comfort in a long-term partner and pursuing novelty together. Remember that giving your relationship a feeling of “newness” can be as simple as bringing music or mood lighting into the picture, cooling down with ice cubes, or moving to a different room or the shower for intimacy. If you’re feeling extra adventurous, trying a new toy, playing sexy truth or dare, or even taking the action outdoors can all satisfy your need for novelty.

A middle ground is possible in other aspects of our lives, too, whether it’s taking on new projects or tasks in a job you’re doing long-term, trying a new recipe in the comfort of your home, or simply taking a different route to school or work. Our comfort zone is here to help us evolve slowly instead of changing drastically, making sure we’re considering the many different ways big decisions will affect our lives. Similarly, our drive for novelty keeps us moving forward, growing our interests and capabilities, exploring the entirety of our world, and becoming more interesting and well-rounded people. While they may seem to conflict on the surface, in practice, comfort and novelty are partners in helping us create more fulfilling lives. 

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