Owning our bodies, protecting our rights
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Owning our bodies, protecting our rights

(Updated June 24, 2022)

Our origin story is pretty simple: the drive to create a world-class wellness company was rooted in our desire to help people integrate sexual health as part of health. And sexual wellness means more joy in our lives. Exploring our bodies, being vulnerable and intimate with another person, or starting a family are ways that people create meaning and happiness, and for more than three decades, Mayer Labs has developed products to enhance these journeys. We’ve also stood by the belief that love or sex between consenting adults is no one’s business but their own. Our products are, and always have been, for everyone–period. 

Consent and autonomy are the foundation of healthy sexuality. The rights of adults to decide what to do with their bodies, and with whom to do it, are vital to our sexual identities and health. These rights are fundamental to our personal liberty, and must always be maintained. Throughout history, women and members of the LGBTQIA+ community have had consensual sexual activity scrutinized and judged by everyone from their peers to their government. Today, in 2022, we’re facing that reality yet again, as we see a conservative-leaning Supreme Court is predicted to overturn Roe v. Wade and enable states to force unintended pregnancy and birth upon non-consenting people. If this happens, people’s individual liberties will be denied.  People’s rights to their bodies will be denied, People’s freedom of religion will be denied. If all goes as predicted, a conservative court that views pregnancy through a narrowly defined lens based on a minority-held, conservative religious view will inextricably tie reproductive capabilities–and the bodies of women and nonbinary people who can become pregnant–to governmental regulation in a way that we haven’t seen in decades. 

At Mayer Labs, we vehemently support the right to choose and will always fight for our most personal freedoms surrounding sexuality and reproduction. We have also been champions of accessible and reliable sexual wellness products since our launch during the early days of the AIDS crisis. Our founder, David Mayer, started National Condom Week to promote the joys of safer sex and expand condom access. We also maintain several partnerships with health programs throughout the U.S. and Canada to distribute millions of quality, free or low-cost condoms and lubricants. Sex can create joy, strengthen relationships, and even promote health, and we must prevent government overreach and regulation of our most personal and essential bodily functions.

Voting is our opportunity to change the status quo and protect our rights. Find pro-choice candidates in your state at https://www.voteprochoice.us/endorsed-candidates-2022Register to vote, find your polling place, and more at https://www.voteamerica.com/.